Pavement Pounding 101

Ah, the high school career fair. Not the place for the faint of heart or the weak of soul. For those of you who haven’t had the misfortune to be invited to one, let me explain. A high school, in an attempt to introduce students to the Wonderful World of Work, decides to hold a […]


Steeking my neck out again

I don’t think I will ever fully understand the reading public. When I wrote a column that discussed cloning in a positive way, I expected feedback. After all, it’s a controversial and very emotional topic. At the very least I expected a nasty email or two, or perhaps an updated version of the 95 theses […]


The Cat is Out of the Bag

Let me begin this week’s piece by stating for the record: I am a dog person. Nothing personal, feline fanciers. It’s just that I grew up with dogs. Aside from a relatively short gap until my youngest child was old enough to have one in the house and not get knocked flying by canine excitement, […]

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