I wear many hats, sometimes all at once, which makes it hard to get through doorways.

If you live long enough, and if you’re the introspective sort, you can begin to connect the disparate experiences of your life into coherent themes.

For me, I can clearly see that my overarching goals in life haven been to enlighten, to enliven, and to empower.

I’ve always sought to provide information and to teach. I’m always trying to lift moods, usually through humour. And my projects have generally been about finding ways to give people the tools they need to do things for themselves.

So, that’s what you’ll find here. This is my space for writing short, humourous pieces about science, life, technology, and parenting, and slightly more serious posts about things like business and the environment. I also write science fiction and fantasy novels, and short stories. You’ll find them here.

From about 2010 to 2020 I maintained a blog about citizen science and I’ve archived those articles here for posterity. I’ve written a book about that, and there’s this nifty TEDx talk on it too.

My partner, Terence Johnson (the best British import since the Aston Martin), and I founded Scribendi.com, an award-winning editing and proofreading company, which was acquired in 2017. We currently own a board game cafe and independent bookstore called Turns & Tales.

Together we’re raising four children, a couple of dogs and a cat. We think they’re pretty awesome, but we might be biased.

If that’s not enough of my ego for one day, you can check out my Press & Publications page.

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