I read a lot. Articles, clips, books, magazines. I quite often come across things that I wish more people knew about. Recently, it dawned on me I could actually do something about that. (I’ve only been running this blog for several years now. I guess I’m a slow learner.)

Soooo, today I’m introducing what I hope will be a regular feature: 5 Interesting Things. It’s a short round up of things I’ve found that are: potentially actionable, inspiring, thought-provoking. Let’s get to it!

The Whitest Paint Ever Could Block the Sun and Cool Earth “Blocking” is not the right word here. “Reflecting” would be more accurate. This one is interesting because it’s potentially a major game changer – and one that you could use. While we work to lower our carbon emissions, we could also be working to lower the temperature and reduce our air conditioning bills. This would be particularly useful on the top of all those flat buildings that are generally baking hot in the heat of summer. Know someone who has a flat roof? Forward this to them.

Carbon Robotics Talking of game changing, here’s one for agriculture. This company makes robots that get rid of weeds. This has the potential to reduce the need for herbicides, which will be better for human health and also our waterways (“runoff” is a major problem in agriculture.) The machines aren’t cheap, but no worse than most farm equipment. Know a farmer? Let them know.

Is Big Brother Listening? No, and yes. A privacy tech worker offers an explanation for why it seems like your devices are listening to you, even if you don’t have Alexa or Siri enabled. Key takeaway: “If my phone is regularly in the same GPS location as another phone, they take note of that. They start reconstructing the web of people I’m in regular contact with.The advertisers can cross-reference my interests and browsing history and purchase history to those around me. It starts showing ME different ads based on the people AROUND me.”

How Cities Will Fossilize. We human beings need to think long term much more often. This article encourages us to think about DEEP time. A fascinating read.

Bamboo: The Tradition of the Future. This video is a short introduction to the many, many uses of bamboo. Bamboo has a growth rate of up to a meter/day (!) and has structural properties equal to that of steel and concrete. We should be looking hard at it, rather than logging old growth forests.

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  1. Once again, I join the groups who respond to the ideas that you come up with

    Anyway, here is my suggestion for some future “5” interesting things

    Scientist should not be allowed to “make” any product (chemical,or othewise)

    that they can not “un-make”.

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