The Cat is Out of the Bag

Let me begin this week’s piece by stating for the record: I am a dog person. Nothing personal, feline fanciers. It’s just that I grew up with dogs. Aside from a relatively short gap until my youngest child was old enough to have one in the house and not get knocked flying by canine excitement, […]

Five Interesting Things

5 Interesting Things #15

Hey! How are you? It’s time again for five interesting things: stuff you might find intriguing, share worthy, and/or actionable. Or even just interesting. Twiiiiigs innnn spaaaaaace: So the Japanese have an interesting idea for reducing space debris: satellites made of wood. At the moment, when we deorbit satellites (a fancy way of saying we […]


Mirror Images

It’s been fashionable for a while to claim that agriculture is one of our biggest mistakes. Jared Diamond has claimed this, and so has Yuval Harari. I’ve never been fond of the hypothesis, for all the reasons laid out in great detail by David Graeber and David Wengrow. Instead, I think we can count the […]

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