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Project: Hush City

With the Hush City app, you are an active part of a soundscape and citizen science research project to map and evaluate everyday quiet areas.

Our cities are becoming noisier by the hour. Only in Europe, over 125 million people are affected by noise pollution from traffic every year, and apparently, quietness is becoming a luxury available only to a few of us. By using this free mobile app, you will contribute to making quietness available to all those appreciate it.

Hush City app will help you to identify, access and evaluate “everyday quiet areas” in your neighborhoods. You can find places such as small, quiet spots where you can go to escape the city’s chaos, relax, read a book, play with your kids, and have a pleasant conversation. Chill out!

Join the Hush City community. Here’s how it works:

Download Hush City app
>Go to one of your favorite quiet spots
>Record the sound where you are in the quiet spot
>Take a picture of the spot where you recorded the sound
>Answer the questionnaire about this quiet spot
>Share this information with your community.
>Or, use the app to find a quiet spot near to you. Go to it and enjoy spending some time there.

* Please be aware that noise levels measured by the mobile app, may not be completely accurate, depending on which smartphones are used, weather conditions and other factors.

Hush City map!
Do you know that the quiet areas crowdsourced with the Hush City app are now open access and available on line? Explore the Hush City Map & happy (quiet) surfing!

Main features of the Hush City app
Using the Hush City app, you can:
1) crowdsource your favorite quiet spots and share them with the Hush City community;
2) identify and access quiet areas in your city or in other cities worldwide, shared by the Hush City users;
3) filter the quiet areas according to their sound levels, descriptors used to tag them, perceived quietness, visual quality and accessibility, as perceived by the users who crowdsourced the quiet areas;
4) engage in gaming activities;
5) review your personal surveys and delete them if you are not longer happy with them;
6) provide feedback on the Hush City project.

Twitter: @HUSHCITYapp @btnoss

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