It’s time for the next edition of 5 Interesting Things. It’s a short round up of things I’ve found that are: potentially actionable, inspiring, thought-provoking.

Green Wave – Looking for a complete career change? Consider ocean farming. That’s right, ocean. Green Wave is a regenerative farming project that does kelp and fish farming, and now they want to teach you how to do it. Read about the project here, and then if you’re intrigued sign up for courses.

Droning on – Do you have a drone? Are you looking for reasons to get one? This blog has a neat list of things you can do with one.

Algae lamps? – A French scientist has been working on a way to generate light using bioluminescent algae. The bonus is that algae are really good at chomping CO2.

Self-driving tractors – We’ve been a long, long way from horse drawn plows for some time, with farmers able to till and plant in the comfort of air conditioned cabs and stereo sound systems. John Deere kicks it up a notch with the release of an autonomous tractor. One of the biggest issues in farming is that the window of opportunity to get stuff into and out of the ground can be quite limited – you don’t want to try to take heavy machinery into a sodden field, or you won’t be getting it out anytime soon. Farmer Bob needs to sleep and eat, but his tractor? A self-driving one can stay in the field 24/7 until the job is done.

Achoo! – The research is really really preliminary, but scientists have made an interesting discovery with regards to allergies and autoimmune diseases. They have learned that neuritin, a protein, suppresses formation of rogue plasma cells which are the cells that produce harmful antibodies. Or in other words, it acts like an antihistamine. Incidentally, a great accessible book on the immune system is, well, Immune by Phillip Detmer. (That last is an affiliate link to, which supports indie bookstores).

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