Guest post by James Bradley

DreamLab is a volunteer computing app developed by the Vodafone Foundation, in partnership with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. It uses the idle processing power of smart phones and tablets to speed up cancer research. With the app you can help accelerate cancer genetics and drug research while you sleep. Unlike many other volunteer computing efforts, DreamLab supports Apple iOS devices as well as Android.

Contributing to DreamLab takes only a few simple steps:

  1. Charge your device and connect it to the Internet.
  2. Choose a project or projects to support.
  3. Set the amount of data you want the app to use on Wi-Fi or mobile networks.
  4. Begin powering your projects.

If your mobile network provider is Vodafone UK or Vodafone Australia, the data used by DreamLab is free of charge and does not add to your data limit.

At the present time, there are four projects that can be selected to work on:

  • Demystify by the Garvan Institute
  • DRUGS Phase 3 and Phase 4 by the Imperial College London
  • 3D Genome by AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research)

Your contribution to each project and total contribution are tracked through your number of calculations crunched. Your time spent powering DreamLab is tracked as well.

DreamLab can be downloaded for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play:

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