What the heck is ‘citizen science’?

I’m glad you asked! The term ‘citizen science’ has been used in relation to several concepts over the years, but for the purposes of this blog, citizen science refers to science conducted by average citizens, e.g., people who are not full- or part-time professional scientists but nevertheless have a keen interest in scientific inquiry. Check out my TEDx talk:

And you are?

My name is Chandra Clarke, and you can find my personal blog over here.  My partner, Terence Johnson, and I founded Scribendi.com, an award-winning, ISO certified editing and proofreading company; Scribendi was acquired in 2017. We currently own Inklyo.com, an online writing courses publisher. If the letters behind a name are important to you, I have a college diploma in industrial robotics, my BA was in English and Psychology, and my MSc was in Space Exploration Studies. I’m now doing a PhD in Creative Writing. There is a method to my apparent educational madness: the prevailing themes are understanding automation, innovation, the public understanding of science, communication, and motivation.

What’s Up With This Blog?

I’ve been publishing Citizen Science Center since 2012. Many other people have since picked up the baton and are taking the movement forward. Thus, I’ve decided to concentrate on my writing career and my new site Ecoactionists.com. This site will remain up for a while for posterity, but I won’t be posting new material here. Thanks for being a loyal reader.

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