Five Interesting Things

Five things I think are interesting or actionable. Enjoy!

Many sad returns. Americans who did their shopping online sent back $800B+ worth of goods in 2022! That’s … insane. What’s scarier is that a lot of that returned stuff just gets dumped.

Low emissions zones work. And what’s more, the health benefits from less air pollution in zones in 25 German cities were estimated to be between €760m and €2.6bn.

Toxic Seaweed… for the win? This company wants to sink toxic, invasive seaweed patches to the ocean floor to get rid of the invasives but also to sequester carbon.

Chore no more. This piece suggests that more than 40% of chores could be done by robots soon. This is a robotic takeover I can get behind. I’ve been waiting for Rosey since, well, the Jetsons were a thing.

Mars Chopper. This is a cool video (3 mins) about a teeny helicopter on Mars, and plans for future helicopters, including an even cooler hexacopter.


    • Di

    • 1 year ago

    Nice! A handful of interesting occurrences. Not too long to cause boredom but just right to encourage reading to the end. All mostly upbeat……and when we are constantly peppered with lies from a former president, it’s enjoyable. Keep doing it!

    1. Awesome, I’m so glad you liked it.

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