If you’re like me, you love reading about the latest science and technology news. Here’s a list of some of the most popular science magazines around. Some of these are very topic specific, and some are more general interest. The reading level ranges from relative layman to specialist. Enjoy!

Air & Space covers the history, culture and technology of flight.

America Archeology covers archaeology in the Americas. Provides information on the latest discoveries, current research, and other news.

American Scientist looks at research projects, researchers, techniques and technology.

Astronomy focuses on telescopes, comets, stars, planets, the sun and moon, constellations, and observation techniques.

Astronomy Now has news, information, reviews, features and new products for astronomers and space enthusiasts.

Audubon Magazine is designed to help readers appreciate and preserve the natural world, with a particular focus on birds and their habitats.

Aviation Week & Space Technology reports on technical, legislative, scientific, operational and financial developments of the military, commercial and space aviation markets.

Connected World focuses on how we use technology for work and life.

Current World Archaeology unearths digs and discoveries from around the world.

Elektor looks at electronics for professionals, enthusiasts and students. Each issue of Elektor magazine features construction projects.

Food Technology covers all aspects of food, including biology, chemistry, nutrition, engineering, production, microbiology, packaging, quality assurance, regulations, research and development, and even consumerism.

Green Source is all about designing and constructing environmentally responsible buildings.

Issues in Science & Technology is a forum for the exchange of ideas on policy issues involving science, technology and health.

MAKE Magazine is about invention and DIY projects.

Mineralogical Record is for serious mineral collectors.

National Geographic is a general interest magazine that focuses on natural history, geography and wildlife.

Natural History Magazine focuses on nature, science, and culture.

Nature is an international journal publishing peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology.

New Scientist is a generalist publication that covers a wide range of scientific topics, including botany, physics, evolution, nuclear power, mathematics, and the environment.

Nuts & Volts is written for the hobbyist, design engineer, technician and experimenter. Topics include robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, microcontrollers, new technology, and DIY projects.

Physics Today reports on the latest advances in physics and related sciences.

Popular Mechanics gives you the latest news and trends in automobiles, home improvement, tools, electronics, health, science and technology.

Popular Science covers the latest science and technology in computers and electronics, aviation and space, automobiles, medicine, energy, and consumer electronics.

Science Illustrated publishes articles about cutting-edge science, from paleontology to space exploration.

Science News is a bi-weekly newsmagazine which covers the most important research findings in all fields of science and medicine.

Scientific American produces articles and commentary on the latest science news.

Sea Technology is all about marine business, science, and engineering for commercial and military applications.

SEED Magazine covers science and its effects on society.

SERVO Magazine is published for robotic experimenters. Each issue contains feature articles, interviews, tutorials, projects and sources for parts.

Sky & Telescope magazine is a resource for amateur astronomers.

Smithsonian Magazine covers nature, history, science and the arts.

T3  covers gadgets and  technology.

Technology Review features information and analysis on emerging technologies, trend-setting innovations and their economic, commercial, social and political impact.

Wired Magazine covers science, technology, emerging trends and entrepreneurialism.

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